How Much Do Oilfield Jobs in North Dakota Pay?

Oilfield Jobs in general have a reputation for paying high salaries. But, what are the qualifications for Bakken Jobs?

You’ll be happy to know that there are thousands of Bakken Jobs available in Eastern Montana and Western North Dakota. Many of these jobs do not require any experience! Entry level bakken oilfield jobs can range anywhere from $20-$35 per hour and with overtime, many entry level workers make in excess of $80,000 per year.

Also, because the Bakken is not a desirable place to live for most people, employers offer flexible schedules such as 2 weeks on, 2 weeks off and so on. Some employers even pay for chartered flights and housing while working in the oilfield! What a great job!

If you chose to get a job in the Bakken, however, be ready for bitter cold temperates in the winter and very hard work.

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